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Art Camp Session II

Day 1 – Around the World Art

New Zealand Maori Koru – Koru art

Peru – Llamas with Peruvian textiles; mixed media

African- American artist Lois Mailow Jones – Mask Drawing

Day 2 – Superheroes and Multiverse

Create superhero characters – Paper dolls

Worldbuilding – Design setting

Make a mini-comic book - Bring characters to life

Day 3 - Fairies, Magic and Sci-Fi

Fairy house – Mixed media/terra cotta pot

Harry Potter – Pom pom Hedwig/create Hogwarts floor plan

Star Wars – Baby Yoda painting

Day 4 – Masterpieces

Picasso – Pop can portraits

Chihuly – Mini glass sculptures

Ages 4-5 - “Macchia”

Gauguin – Still life